Ffleur Cosmetics

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Looks & Tips


A face with a broad chin.

Visually, it will become oval easier if you apply the blusher more intensively on the cheekbones and brush it in the direction of the temple. In addition, apply a little blusher on the sides of the chin.

Round face.

It will look oval if you apply the blusher on the cheekbones and brush it towards the corners of the lips.

A face with broad cheekbones and narrow chin.

To soften the shape of the face, apply the blusher on the cheekbones and it brush it toward the outer corner of eyebrows. Add a little blusher on the edge of the chin.

For blondes, pink blush shades are recommended: pink - coral, pink - beige, pink, pink-orange.
Coral, pink, brown, golden peach and bronze shades are suitable for darker ones.
Brunette is best use blusher of pink-purple, brick, cherry, plum, dark coral shades.


Colouring of eyelashes.

Take a well-sharpened pencil for eyes, of a colour suiting to the colour of your hair and the colour of your eyelashes mascara (black on brunette, dark-grey to blondes and brown to red haired);
With the help of small touches gradually draw a thin line between the lashes of the upper eyelid. Depending on what makeup you intend to do, the line can be applied with a thin brush, or done in a bold line. Apply onto one third of the lower eyelid and the eye won't look smaller if you bold the line you’ve drawn.

Eye Shadows

  • The lightest shades are applied first. If makeup requires a combination of matt and shiny eye shadows, you should start with matt ones;
  • Apply darker eye shadows on the fold over eyelid and apply the darkest over the edge of the lashes to the outer corner of eye;
  • The border between the shadows to become unnoticeable, smoothly brush the shadows on the fold, the end of the lashes to the outer corner of eye;
  • To visually lift the eyebrows, apply the most lighter shade of shadows on their curve;
  • Eyes will look bigger and more expressive, if you apply with a thin brush on the lower eyelid, shadows in brown or golden shades. On the lower eyelid, you can apply shadows whose colour to match the colour of your eyes.


Falling eyes. With the help of any pencil, but not black, make at the end of the eyelashes, on the upper eyelid line. Apply eye shadows in a dark shade but not black and brush them in the direction of the temple, along the lower eyelid. So the eye will be finished in perfect shape.

Large goggled eyes. At the end of the upper eyelid, make line with a pencil in a soft touch or clear form. Eyeliner should gradually be expanded in the direction of the inner to outer corner of eye. Apply shadows in dark and cold colours above the eye line, and then on the whole lid towards the eyebrows. From the outer corner of eye to the point protruding point about one-third /or one quarter / of the lower eyelid.

Small round eyes. To visually extend the eyes and give them almond-shape, apply on line at the top of the eyelashes in the direction of the temple, going beyond the eyelid. Put the shadows and start from this point, brush them in the direction of the temple, darkest shadows should be applied at the end of the lashes and the outer edge of the eye, the lightest - on the eyelids. The transition from one colour to another must be smooth and unnoticeable. If the eyes are too close, with help of brown shades at the base to continue the eyebrows.

Near eyes. Outside the eyelid border, on the outer corners of eyes, apply a darker shade in the shadows and brush them towards the temples. So the emphasis has shifted to the outer corners of eyes and face is optically "stretched". Apply light eye shadows on the inner corners of the eyes and brush them down to the nose. If you want to highlight the eye apply a black pencil on their lower end.

Away eyes. Between the nose and eyes with a brusher brush apply dark colour shades slightly darker than the colour of your skin. Apply shadows along the sides of the nose. Under the outer edge of the eyebrows apply neutral colour shades. Make a line on the eyelid and separate the inner corner of the eye around the nose. On the outer corner of eyes shadow apply light matt eye shadows.



  • To the black eyeliner for eyes, made with liquid eyeliner, you should choose shades in neutral colours - white, grey and black. If eyeliner is a colour, then shadows applied in the outer corner of eye should match in colour.
  • It’s not compulsory to apply shadows over the eye lid but if you want to make a complicated makeup, it would be best to choose shades in peaceful, natural colours - brown, orange body, beige, copper and others.
  • In the evening make-up versions on the lower eyelid and outer corner of the eye apply the darkest and most saturated shades - purple, brown, dark blue, the colour of moss.


To give the precise basis of the eyebrow shape (the bottom should be pretty equal) paint the missing hairs in a manner simulating the real growth. To hide the pencil line, brush the eyebrows.


Expressive and sensual lips look best. Lipstick emphasizes these qualities, providing the lips with moisture and elasticity. It protects them from drying and feathering. It’s very easy to improve the shape of the lips - you only need to outline their new couture.


lip pencil should be one tone darker than the colour of lipstick;
outline the contour, starting from the centre of the upper lip. After outline it symmetrically, continue to outline to the left and right corners of the lips, but don’t go outside;
outline the contour of the lower lip , starting from the centre, but in this case, the centre can get away with up to 3 mm;
lip corners in the contours of the upper and lower lip should join in one point;
after the couture with the help of brush is applied, put the lipstick to the lips, then blot with tissue and apply another layer.



Full. With a lip pencil draw line as indent 2-3 mm of the natural contour. Pencil should compulsory be dark /pralines, honeysuckle, blackberry /. Pencil should be well sharpened, clearer and precise the counter is, the smaller the lips look.

Small round. With lip pencil make the adjustment line Apply it over the natural contour of lips. Do not connect the lines of the upper and lower lip. Pencil must be light (cream caramel, French melon ) and not very sharp, so that contour obtains soft and mild and the lipstick is in a bright, warm tones.

Thin lips with corners down. Contour is placed in such a manner as to lift the upper lip and lower lip to be provided with proper round shape.

Thin upper lip. . To visually enlarge it, apply the couture in rounded shape. You could outline it with a pencil, which colour is close to the natural colour of lips and the skin between painted and natural contour. On the upper lip you may apply light pеаrl lipstick / opal, light bronze / or gloss / transparent - crystal cold - flamingo.

Your type Brusher(colour) Eye Shadows (colour)Lipstick (colour)
Pale skin, dark hairRed-brown-pink, golden-peachGreen grass, sandy-brown, apricot, gold, blueLight pink, coral, deep red
Pale skin, blonde hairBeige-pink, peachCornflower-blue, pink, purple, light brown, violet, greyThe range of pastel pink, peach, brown, warm pink
Skin with freckles, red hairAmber, dark pinkGolden-brown, grey-green, reddish-brown, plum, rust colours Pale peach, the colour of red burgundy wine, raspberry
Dark skin, dark hairBrown-red colours, burgundy wineGolden-brown, buttercup, dark blue, orange, pinkBright red, shocking pink
Dark skin, dark hairGolden-brown, pink and purpleReddish-brown-gold, yellow, pink, purple, blue, plumBrown -red, pink oyster, shocking-pink
Olive skin, dark hair Copper, the colours of the Burgundian winePink-beige, swamp, violet, gold, plumThe colours of the Burgundian wine, chestnut, copper